Which Bike rack should I buy ?

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Choosing a Bike rack for your motorhome

Taking bikes away with you in your motorhome gives you freedom to cycle away from a campsite and take in the local scenery. However bikes aren’t small and so they need to be transported safely and easily.

Some motorhomes have cavernous rear garages which easily accommodate multiple bikes. Fiamma do a range of garage accessories specifically designed to help load and store bikes. Accessories include special garage rails and eyelets to help hold the bikes in place once inside.

Externally mounted bike racks come in a number of variants from tow bar mounted models through to rear wall mounted versions. Some van bike racks actually grip around the edges of the rear door meaning they are easier to install as no drilling is necessary and can be easily removed.

Most Fiamma bike racks are suitable for up to 60Kg so you need to ascertain if the bikes you want to mount on a rack are less than this weight, the maximum any Fiamma bike racks for motorhomes will take is 4 bikes, some are 2 as standard but can be upgraded to take up to 4 bikes.

Another consideration with bike racks on motorhomes is the actual fitted height of the bike rack. If it is mounted too low it may obscure the number plate, too high and it may be difficult to use. If you have a rear window on your motorhome then the bike rack may either obscure view or prevent opening of the window itself. Fiamma have the Pro C Model bike rack specifically designed to be compact so that it fits underneath windows.

Some motorhomes come pre-fitted with brackets suited to Fiamma cycle racks and so if your vehicle has this then there will be no fitting involved, just unpack, assemble and connect to pre-existing brackets.

One more critical consideration is whether your preferred fitted location is actually where the manufacturer of the van has added strengthening woodwork, especially so if you want to use 4 bikes which are approaching the 60Kg maximum weight carried on the rack.

When mounting bikes on the rack then largest and heaviest bikes are mounted first with the smaller / lighter bikes last on.

Due to the increased length and object protruding behind the motorhome you will need to invest in a signal sign which is a legal requirement (In Italy a fully reflective sign is required).

Once you have selected the rack, fitted it and mounted your bikes then you need to think about security and safety so use a suitable security lock to prevent your bikes going walkies, some motorhome alarms have accessory loops that although could be easily bypassed provides yet another facet of security. Finally protect your bikes from the elements with a Fiamma bike cover.


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